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The architectural design of st the St John Bosco Art College

Lan An Friday, December 19, 2014 0

Located in Croxteh, Liverpool, UK, the St John Bosco Art College was the architecture work designed ...

Outside space on the terrace of a building

Lan An 0

When living in high rise building , there is a issue that we are lack of light and sunshine. The Pho...

Steel and wood footbridge by DVVD

Lan An 0

The practice of DVVD tried (and managed) to do just with the Footbridge Over the Railways  designe...

When Is the Right Time to Replace Your HVAC Products and Why?

Le Trung Thanh 0

Every household goes through this decision of when to replace their HVAC (Heat, Ventilation and A...

Luxurious and modern hotel in Caribbean

Lan An Thursday, December 18, 2014 0

Considered as a luxurious and modern in design, the Landings St. Lucia Hotel is located on the Rodne...

Sava footbridge designed by Arhitektura D.O.O

Lan An 0

Sava Foodbridge is the design of the Arhitektura D.O.O.practice which studio designed the Ribja Foo...

Wonderful beach view from La Plage Casadelmar hotel

Lan An Wednesday, December 17, 2014 0

From the ideas of providing a place brings the feeling of a holiday home in a natural setting and n...

The Snow hotel in Seoul, South Korea

Lan An 0

When I was a girl, I love snow in Korea movie. It brought me the feeling of romanticism. When I sear...

The fabulous hotel names Paasitorini

Lan An 0

 War had over but we still keep proof of that time. The Paasitorini was a fortress that  was origina...

Finding a Good Roofing Contractor in Your Town

Le Trung Thanh 0

Finding a high quality, reliable and experienced roofing contractor in your town is just a matter ...