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Breathtaking French Riviera vacation villa featuring fascinating Asian pieces

Nhu Anh Wednesday, October 22, 2014 0

Situated in French Riviera, the gorgeous Mediterranean coastline of the southeast corner of Franc...

The royal Celine Dion's private mansion in Quebec, Canada

Nhu Anh 0

Spreading over a gigantic area of 24,000 square feet, the renowned singer Celine Dion's priva...

An opened and accesible space home: Bal House

Lan An 0

This house is designed for a retired couple who desired a single-story home with open, accessible s...

The splendid V4 House in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Nhu Anh 0

Named the V4 House , this splendid residence located in Sao Paulo, the largest city in Brazil is ...

Glorious French hillside villa on the Bay of Villefranche

Nhu Anh 0

Located on a magnificent hillside above the Bay of Villefranche, France, this glorious vacation v...

Outdoor place for you taking a rest

Lan An 0

When you are tired, you should take yourself a rest in peace and fresh place. It is wonderful if yo...

An elegent and marvelous house in Balance Hill

Lan An 0

The building relation to the site and views is the main feature of Balance Hill. Situated on a dram...

A bright and cozy Russian small apartment design by Geometrium

Nhu Anh Tuesday, October 21, 2014 0

Situated in Lensovetovskij, a peaceful village near Saint Petersburg, the second largest city in ...

Spectacular desert mountain retreat in Scottsdale, Arizona

Nhu Anh 0

Placed in the lavish Desert Mountain, the premier, member-owned, private community in the world w...

Stunning Thailand Casa de La Flora resort overlooking the Cerulean Ocean

Nhu Anh 0

Overlooking the magnificent Cerulean Ocean and surrounded by fabulous natural landscapes, the spl...