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Placed in Bosphorus district, the glamorous multi-level residence T House attracts a great attention thanks to its luxurious and exquisite interior design completed by Istanbul-based designer Tanju Özelgin. Artistically designed with a museum-like manner, the T House brings the owners an original and interesting living space with elegant neutral palette of colors that ranges from white/ beige to different hues of grey and sheer black. The most eye-catching part of the house may be the sumptuous dark-toned living room which is cleverly embellished by high ceilings, striking chandeliers, long curtains and sophisticated artwork. 

Description from the designer:
In this project, Özelgin has used rough stone and raw concrete mixed with polished marble, wood and glass for the interior and sections of the exterior. Also the widespread use of stone surfaces on walls, floors and exterior areas can be considered as an example of the use of local elements. Besides, the use of stonewall panels in the primary living spaces is one of the most important features of the design.

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