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Known as fascinating works of ArtCeram, these bathroom designs are famous for its uniqueness, originality and interest that are created by many novel interior elements.
For example, a basin is creatively shaped into a huge coffee cup, which definitely suits the simple surroundings and a minimalist wall mounted faucet. Next, ArtCeram brought us a 'cow' collection including a herd of pretty cool four legged friends for our wash space with the eccentric form was available in eye-catching black.

On the other hand, alternative wow factors are also presented in their bathroom designs which are formed by strong geometric shapes or organic and wall hugging forms. Moreover, clean, seamless vessels are transformed into modern works of art by cleverly mixing elegant white ceramic with luxurious black line work and pattern. Meanwhile, the simplicity of a single sheet of curved glass floating beneath a waterfall faucet is really splendid.

Posted by Nhu Anh

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