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By using simple and natural furniture as well as soft hues of color we can replicate the elegance of vintage.
This bedroom evokes a vintage air with its successful use of cream colors in the curtains, ceilings and flooring. Imagine you are walking in the morning in this bedroom, I bet that you will feel refreshed and delighted to find beautiful and lush bouquets of flowers placed on the bedside tables. Large classic windows with a white frame beckon the individual to cherish the beautiful view of nature just outside, while minimalizing the use of artificial lighting. With windows such as these, it is almost impossible to not delight in waking up with sunlight streaming through and the sound of birds chirping. Creatively, a mirror that resembles the windows sits above the fireplace to create the illusion of more light and space.

Besides, this room also features pale, wooden closets that beg for a clean, organized hallway that is free of clutter. A fireplace is also added the ultimate vintage touch. Bordered in a pale yellow-green, the fireplace calls for endless nights of being snuggled under the sheets, or even laying on the white carpet appropriately placed in front of it. With two armchairs to allow moments of heartwarming conversations to be held, this bedroom promises the wishes of any girl who, like the decorative and small suitcases placed about the room, is fond of simplicity and the treasuring of memories. Enjoy this bedroom.

Posted by Lan An

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