» » » » Delightful smartphone store design by Masquespacio for Doctor Manzana

Situated in Valencia, the third largest city in Spain after Madrid and Barcelona, this delightful smartphone store was especially designed by Masquespacio for Doctor Manzana, which is known as a prestigious brand in the field of technical service for smartphones and tablets.
By cleverly mixing the galvanized steel sheets with the elegant white furniture units, the designers successfully created a contemporary, industrial but very welcoming space for the store.

Taking inspiration from a phone’s touchscreen reflection that creates an angle of 54 degrees, Masquespacio Ana Milena Hernández Palacios, the creative director of Masquespacio, affirmed that “Talking about the colors- as we started from a company name allied with a doctor-we wanted to create a concept based on a hospital. However as we did not want to create a conventional design, we discarded this option, but maintained blue and green as a reference to the first word in the company’s brand name.

Photographs by David Rodríguez

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