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Office honored as one of the most beautiful place for working is Transito, In the unique combination of work space and living room, this office provide us the “ maritime feeling” with features as a skybox apartment in bold. Transito office is designed toward Merwede Riverp a part of the Rhine Meuse Scheldt delta, it is an angular design that allows for vistas of the river from almost any work spaces. There’s no sterile feel here, though; white file cabinets topped with abundant greenery in rectangular planters, combined with warm wood grain desks and chocolate-toned leather seating and accents, give the space a nice shot of efficient energy while at the same time keeping the “trimmings” from being obtrusive or distracting.
Sand-colored marble on part of the exterior façade harmonizes nicely with a neat plant garden, dark stone driveways, and cobbled courtyards. Parking is convenient and sheltered; inviting outdoor seating provides a handy spot for fresh air on breaks. Although the building is a neat tower of intersecting rectangles, there are at least as many “curves” involved in this design as angles; private office spaces and conference rooms have rounded glass walls in flowing, gentle waves that are not unlike the river water outside. Round conference tables encourage easy collaboration, while curvy glass vases hold flowers and colorful décor. With elegance, uncompromising practicality, and abundant natural light, this offers roomy space for both employees and family, thanks to super design by Eric Kan.

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