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Recently unveiled at the National Kitchen Bath Show in Las Vegas, which is the internationally renowned major resort city primarily known for gambling, shopping, fine dining and nightlife, and the leading financial and cultural center for Southern Nevada, this fascinating collection of kitchen designs called ThinkGlass attracted a great attention of the international community of both designers and producers as well as clients and investors.
Created by Jennings and Company, ThinkGlass impresses everyone with its unique, original and versatile designs.

Description from the producer:
The powerful LED lights embedded inside give the glass countertop a radiance. ThinkGlass offers a variety of light colors and even the ability to create a “light show” via remote control with special effects such as flashing and fading lights to create an ambiance. ThinkGlass has quickly become a leader in the thermoforming industry by pioneering a versatile technique that allows the creation of new or repetitive textures at a very low molding cost. This process allows the creation of glass slabs without thickness constraints opening the door to all kinds of design possibilities that far exceed anything that can be accomplished with stone, granite or marble.

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