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Stylish, original and impressive, the 15 living room designs featured here will absolutely satisfy the most demanding owners.
Each of them is designed with a unique style that is different from the others, but all are really appealing. By cleverly combining furniture and ornaments, these talented designers successfully created ideal living rooms that will make any visitors surprised. Plenty of shelving for music and magazines makes the space tidy and organized, and smart storage hides away junk in a flash, choose furniture of just a few shades for a pulled together cohesive look. Moreover, beautiful photographs and exquisite artworks are creatively used to personalize the living room, and plants also add contribution to bring fresh and clean atmosphere into the home.

Above 4: By Elftug
By Johnny Young
Above 2: By Ivaylo
By Nikolaou
By Royal Graphic
By Sedatdurucan
By Ozhan Hazirlar
By Lena Larina
By Dan Sawyerz
By Tom Svilans

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