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Built on an enormous area of over 640 square meters on a 2,125 square meter plot, this luxurious residence which called the SU House impressed us because of its contemporary, artistic and glamorous architectural design. Situated at the edge of a forest in Stuttgart’s south side, the SU House is known as one of the most inspiring work of the gifted architect Alexander Brenner Architekten. Taking advantage of the marvelous natural landscape surrounding the residence, Alexander Brenner Architekten transformed the SU House into a sumptuous resort by creating open floor-plan, airy living space and a large swimming pool – all of these things bring delightful skylight, fresh atmosphere and natural beauty into the home.  “Following the entrance hall the large dining table is placed below a two-storey void and lit by a skylight. The removable floor-to-ceiling glazing opens up at right-angle to the terrace, so that the inside merges with the roofed over outside in the summer months. ” described architects.
Photographs by Zooey Braun

Posted by Trung Thanh Le

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