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In modern society, time you spend in office may take nearly a half time of yours. That is reason why we should make office environment more comfortable and joyful.
In fact, many people want to work in open and creative office, that creative come from the interiors designs, furniture, arrangement,… Today, we have a chance to visit the new Grupo CP offices in the Polanco neighborhood of Mexico. It is colorful, fun and look like the management want to keep their employees energized.

Spanning over three levels and 16,900 square feet, space Arquitectura had their work cut out for them. With a need for private offices, conference rooms, dining rooms, informal meeting rooms, a lobby, open areas, and a vestibule, to name a few, they created a cohesive and vibrant workplace thanks to the creativity of Pentágono Estudio, who lent their hand with custom furniture, graphics arts, and applications.
Notice the fun graphics throughout and the use of bold, bright colors in each of the spaces.
The design teams didn’t just focus on color, sustainability was key in the design and they’re currently seeking LEED certification.

They brought in furnishings in various geometric shapes, as well as using curves, like through the core of the office, into each of the trapezoidal-shaped floors.

Each of the floors incorporates details of an integral thematic concept that’s in conjunction with the company’s areas of business – City, Health, and Automotive.
I kind of want to make some string art now, don’t you?

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