» » » » Abundant light and air in an innovative house design by Safdie Rabines Architects

Designed by Safdie Rabines Architects, this Miramar house presents sleek contemporary style, a touch of humor, and abundant light and air in an innovative design.
The central staircases seem to go on forever, they lead to separate levels of living and entertaining space, personal quarters for the homeowners, and rooftop terraces that afford stunning views of the surrounding hills and sky. The home is a series of staggered rectangles, with a white exterior and expansive glass to afford panoramas from every corner as well as allow easy indoor/outdoor access. In fact, various spots of the house are at least as much outdoor as interior spaces — check out the open-air living room, with a cozy fireplace on one wall and another “wall” being the deck and terrace in the back yard.

Décor is minimalist without being stark: a spotted “animal” rug in one bedroom harmonizes with brown-and-white colors in bed linens and the finish on a dresser. Couple this with a master bath that’s pure luxury, with a deep marble-sided soaking tub, marble-and-glass shower big enough for a party, and double-vanity sinks and counter. It’s lighted cleverly by day through a corner that’s floor-to-ceiling glass, assisted by a skylight above; by night, small globe fixtures provide a soothing ambience. The kitchen and dining space is open and roomy enough for easy entertaining, with cleverly camouflaged appliances, handy stools at an island, and even a “picnic” type dining table. Overall, the mood is California casual and La Jolla chic, livable and relaxed, in this welcoming house by Safdie Rabines.

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