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Designed by KZ Architecture, this 5,800-square-foot home located in Bay Harbor Islands has something that make most of us must say “ woa” when look at.
This home is divided into separate “wings”. Indoors and outdoors, blend here, with the favorable Florida climate and a waterfront location greatly abetting the owners’ enjoyment of open-air spaces and panoramic views. With cozy, low-slung furniture, a sitting room/lounge affords a terrific vista of pool, lawn, dock, and bay beyond; tall windows, separated only by unobtrusive white pillars, are topped by clerestories that afford even more natural lights. Stairs that seem suspended in the middle of the house connect the levels easily without interrupting sight lines. A stone accent wall holds two narrow, wide windows that give the kitchen a little slice of scenery of its own; a shining white island offers extra seating besides the more formal dining table and chairs around the corner. Enjoy!

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