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Discovered on The Painted House, these simple patterned paint rollers can surprise you by creating a new look for the old wallpapers.
They will add a great contribution to transform your beloved home into a fresh, exciting and gorgeous one. According to Clare Bosanquet, the founder of this unique tool for decorating wallpaper in Romania, “there are two parts to the roller system: firstly, there are the 6 inch wide, embossed patterned rollers in 9 different designs; then there is a choice of two applicators, one for use on fabric and the other for paper & walls".

"When I stumbled across these paint rollers in a market in Romania I was so excited I bought the lot and spent the next two months of the hiking trip regretting my cumbersome purchase. They have been used there for the last 100 years or so as an alternative to wallpaper. As an ardent upcycler I have been using them ever since to bring unloved fabrics and wonky old walls back to life. I have adapted the traditional roller system for use in fabric printing particularly; there is also a more simple foam roller for paper and walls.", said Clare Bosanquet.

You can also buy the items on Etsy, for a fair price.

Via FloDeau

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