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Walking into these living rooms, we were stunned by its original but friendly and natural beauty.
Designed as an artistic blend of charming nature tones with fascinating color blasts and contemporary interiors, these living room designs offer owners inviting, gorgeous and comfortable spaces for recreating and socializing. Why don’t you take a look and see how incredible they are!

By Rafo 3D
With exciting green, gray and white scene, this living room design by Rafo 3D absolutely adds a youthful and inspiring touch to the home.

Above 2: By Franky Winata
Visualized by Franky Winata, the living room design displays a modern and luxurious life style that is formed by the curvaceous furniture set and the colored organic stone placed in front of the beautiful wild garden beyond.

By AndreyMak
Via 3D Sermen

Above 2 via Rusu Ruslan
Via Shumer

Above 2 by Bumper30
Via My Works By
Via Art Di Line

Above 2 by Faust24

Above 4 via My Design Review

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