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A living room may be considered as a place with books, a television, a coffee table and a comfortable sofa. The living room offers us an inviting space for gathering with our beloved family and hanging out with friends. In the fantastic collection of living room designs that we present you today, each has its own style, however, all are exquisite and glorious. From the adventurously contemporary to the comfortably classic, these living room designs bring owners fascinating spaces for entertaining and socializing, while offering surprising elements of privacy. 

Visualizer: Visual Studio
Designed as the typical style of the 1980′s, this living room takes full advantage of a spacious floor plan, adding large sofas and armchairs, original lighting elements, and even gigantic sculpture.
Visualizer: Anhle Arc
Visualizer: Paolo Longoni
Creatively using the gray accent wall as a theme color with gray sofas flanking a neutral coffee table, the designer created eye-catching textures in the sofa, area rug, and hardwood floor add tactile appeal.
Visualizer: Andrej Šenveter
Visualizer: Angelo Fernandes
Visualizer: NW-interior
Visualizer: Мария Янголенко
Visualizer: jay3design
Visualizer: Andrey Sokruta Interior Design
Visualizer: Ando Studio
Visualizer: Roma Romanov
Visualizer: Majid Kiyanfar
Visualizer: Vic Nguyen
Visualizer: Arcasso
Visualizer: Yury Rybak

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