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These gorgeous photos below surely make you- who are interested in home design satisfy. This home got all things that the homeowner request: “a crisp and fresh look, but with a comfortable, usable vibe where they could relax…and also where their kids could play”. From the fun wallpaper in the bathroom to the over oversize fruit prints on the wall of a playroom… all of them meet the demand of homeowner and that’s just the beginning of the feast for the eyes here.
 Inside, this home is mix of contrasts: a formal sitting room/parlor has an elegant mix of traditional furnishings and modern details, while the corridor directly off is breathtaking, its vivid teal-toned walls and starburst light fixture unabashedly hitting all the right “contemporary sophistication” notes. A welcoming blue-and-white kitchen has both a cozy window seat and eat-in space, and a bedroom with a blue padded headboard is pure comfort. A nursery whispers in red, white, and pink, with graceful balloon shades lending a touch of softness.

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