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Named Living Room of an Art Collector, this striking living room design is known as a remarkable part of Casa Cor, an important event of national architecture and decoration held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
The living room design is the result of the collaboration between the gifted Brazilian architect Gisele Taranto with the art curator Mara Fainziliber and the lighting designer Maneco Quinderé. Structured in a spacious area of 1000 square foot space, Living Room of an Art Collector features a fascinating space where tradition meets modern decoration, in a pleasant manner.

Ceiling, floor and walls were kept as originally and received pieces of art and designed furniture. The biggest challenge was to show that it is possible to add contemporaneity to any historical room, giving emphasis to both. Pieces of renowned and new promising artists, national and internationally, were used in the space.”, explained Gisele Taranto.

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