» » » » » A bright and cozy Russian small apartment design by Geometrium

Situated in Lensovetovskij, a peaceful village near Saint Petersburg, the second largest city in Russia, this charming small apartment designed by Geometrium presents an artistic use of space, lighting and colors. Especially implemented for a young couple, the designers had to meet the requirement that aesthetics and usability be the main characteristics of the apartment. 

The overall design pays tribute to creativity and function: “We divided the sleeping area and made a separate dressing room. In the living area we placed a bio-fireplace, with TV set above so it is convenient to watch TV while you are in your bed or chair, as well as in the kitchen. 

Ventilation hub was painted as a desk, so the user can write or draw on it as he or she wishes. Full-sized folding doors were used to save more space in the apartment. 

For the bathroom we used small-sized tiles 10×10 cm (4×4 in) in different colors to decorate the walls and placed a large mirror with heated film (anti fog) system and waterproof plaster.”, explained the architects.

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