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In a year, time for summer seem to be the longest. In this time, it is better for us to have outside space and activities.
Outdoor bedrooms, table, coffee space, terraces and sun rooms are awesome places to spend time on. However, why don’t we think about bring summer and its feel in indoors. It is not too hard and expensive as it seems. Beginning with living room – an important space for any house, living room ideal, designs and decoration require much time and knowledge. It is space for you, your family and friends to sit and entertain together. Get inspired by the perfectly styled examples below!

With summer living room, you will feel that you are in and harmony with the nature. This room also requires some common living room’s furniture like sofas, curtain, pillows. Besides, you can take colorful wallpaper with summer flowers.
If you are not a fan of bright colors, pastels will look no less charming and summer-like. Adding a couple of details like a hammock or a surf is a simple and fun idea that will make your room charming.

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