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Essential furniture for any girl in modern society is dressing table. This furniture helps girl to enjoy her look, make up her hair.
There are a mountain of kind, size, shape and material for dressing table so it will make you confuse when look at and chose. Today, we are pleasure to introduce some dress tables made from wood in mid- century. As other mid-century furniture, dressing table is stylish, elegant and great for modern and retro décor. Look at some cool dressing table below and enjoy:

We divide dressing table into two categories: classic mid-century and colorful ones. Classic pieces are made of wood – teak, oak, birch, ash – and decorated with stylish details and beautiful mirrors of different shapes. Colorful ones are cheerful and cool; they can add some humorous touches to the interior.Although, each of them have distinct feature but they are elegant and deserve to be important and lovely furniture in house.

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