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Created by the Belgian interior designer Maxime Jacquet this glamorous penthouse and it is located in Los Angeles, California. This penthouse offers a great overview of the surrounding urban landscape from the rich and highly diverse interior.
. The designer wanted to create the impression of entering into a dream-like world once inside the penthouse and thus the environment has a lot of decorative elements that evoke the past. Designer blankets, vintage pieces of furniture, neon signs, murals and animal skins that provide a very luxurious and yet cozy ambiance, define the eclectic space.

The location of the penthouse on the nineteenth floor allows a great view and the use of floor to ceiling windows tales full advantage of this. The setting truly evokes a strong personality and it combines the design of a home with elements from a club or exclusive VIP lounge to make the inhabitants feel special and relaxed.

rovide a very luxurious and yet cozy ambiance, define the eclectic space.

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