» » » » Inviting office design by Morgan Lovell architects for Rackspace

Especially designed by Morgan Lovell architects for the well known web hosting company Rackspace, this imposing office design inspired by the theme of 'family home' brings employees a cozy and comfortable working environment.
Structured as a real family home, each floor of the Rackspace’s office was designed with a different theme that displays a particular area inside a home.

Particularly, the ground floor of the office characterizes a garage, complete with its own personalized mini cooper.

The first floor was transformed into a 70's inspired lounge for meetings, with chairs placed around an artificial fireplace.

Built as a library, the second floor is comprised of dark leather chairs, long mahogany tables and bookcases.

The garden embellished by decking and fake grass was located on the third floor along with the boardroom; a complete replica of Number 10 Downing Street.

Finally, the top floor is place for an artificial garden lit by a massive ceiling window. Beside, the architects also manage to tie the concept to Rackspace's motto of being the 'home of fanatical support'.

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