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Fed up with concrete house, there are some creative home designers decide to back to basics. They are looking for a new ideas, new materials to satisfy their design hobbies.
Two amazing townhouses in Leiden, The Netherlands is an ideal design of 24h architect – a Rotterdam-based studio with creative designers. The main material is wood, it bring the house a difference look- more natural than ever. Besides, interior design will be have the appearance of concrete, enameled tiles. Take a look at these amazing design ideas.
The facade of each home is inspired by the Art Nouveau style, is an echo of the “canyon” that “flows through the house and encloses the stairs”.

Both houses are ecological-friendly and designed to maximize daylight. This, so called “canyon” flows through the house. Its walls are used to divide the house into the necessary spaces. No other walls are placed thus the canyon is present in every room.

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