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If you are looking for a model house design, you should pay attention in to our post. In previous post, we has given you some modern designs.
Today, we will back in to traditional combination with modern design style. From outside, you can feel that house is so traditional with its fountain and a bench near the entrance. But when go inside, you will find a red living room with traditional fireplace and furniture but there are several pieces of Marocco style.That is reason why we said this house is combination and harmony of traditional and modern. The sideboard and chandelier in the dining room remind of a fabulous life and parties. Now, enjoy this design.

The terrace outside is very convenient and modern. With plant, the space is closed with the nature.

 A red living room with traditional fireplace and furniture make its much more fabulous and luxurious.

The kitchen and the swimming pool outside look very contemporary.
 In the bedroom only a big TV shows that it’s a modern house and it’s not the 19th century.
 A relax place with some books, outside visual and a coffee table will help you relax when you are in tired.
The kitchen looks very contemporary.

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