» » » » The environmentally-friendly Casa MM residence in Tapalpa, Mexico

Placed in Tapalpa, a lovely town and municipality, in Jalisco in central-western Mexico, this environmentally-friendly residence called Casa MM presents an intriguing interplay of two residences which are separately designed for two brothers, who do not share the same architectural style. Envisioned and developed by Elías Rizo Arquitectos, the Casa MM residence displays a flexible use of space, contemporary design and eco-friendly architecture. 

According to the architects, “The clients expressed a desire that entrance into the houses be conceived as an experience in its own right. We then proceeded to articulate the entry modules with their various spaces (mud room, garage, storage, and service quarters) around open courtyards that catch the eye and allow daylight in”.

Explaining their ideas when designing two houses, the architectural team at Elías Rizo Arquitectos said “House A, which was built on the higher part of the property, maintains a more introvert disposition. Its floor plan displays a slight angularity that distinguishes it from House B, and all of its spaces are arranged around and open yard. 

Aside from the master bedroom, which stands off-axis and partially detached from the rest of the house, all dormitories contain a mezzanine level with additional beds. 

House B shares the overall layout and spatial sequence of House A, but displays a strict, rectilinear floor plan which looks out beyond the property’s edge. Unlike House A, its dormitories are on a single level.

[Photography by Marcos García]

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