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Designed by the architect Denis Rakaev, the Graphite Penthouse- located in Kiev, Ukraine is a contemporary project that follows the same style and color palette throughout the interior.
The designer explained his work that: “my goal was to create an interior in which there are no random lines” so you can see that the light and geometry is carefully considered to make the perfect setting for a cozy retreat.

The inhabitants love to travel and thus their home is filled with cosmopolitan elements. The rectilinear forms and decorative motifs are enriched by several traditional elements that make the interior warmer. The penthouse is at the 26th floor and on the waterfront of the Dneiper river so the large windows want to ensure a good overview of this urban setting.

The living area integrates the kitchen, a balcony and a bathroom, while the master bedroom walls are covered in genuine leather to give an aesthetic similar to that of a car interior as well as to improve the sound insulation.

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