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Surprisingly with the Parisian gallery director Didier Krzentowski’s. For him, the art of collecting has become a career by design.
This home is an awesome result of his collection. The house is the great combination of many design ideas. There are storage units by Maarten van Severen, Raymond Loewy, and Jean Prouvé. The room teems with lighting—on the ceiling, on shelves, on the wall, on the floor. It’s questionable whether the whole 16th Arrondissement has enough electrical sockets available for the multitudes of Verner Panton, Pierre Paulin, and Gino Sarfatti fixtures. In a colorful installation by Mathieu Mercier, a series of haphazardly set Technicolor columns complements the rainbow assortment of furnishings and divides the main living space into three distinct areas.

 Surfaces that aren’t occupied by objects are covered by Krzentowski’s extensive photography collection, which includes work by Bernd and Hilla Becher, Nan Goldin, Paul McCarthy, Diane Arbus, Erwin Wurm, and Cindy Sherman, among others. Let’s inspired!

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