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Placed São Paulo, the largest city in Brazil, this inviting leisure home was especially designed and completed by CR2 Arquitetura as a mini resort for a growing family who wants to own a private, inviting and relaxing space to enjoy the weekends. And here is the description from the architects: “The initial request was a compact house, with flexible spaces considering a barbecue grill, a swimming pool, two suites and a big green area (as they live in an apartment). 

The garden, together with the artistic panel designed by Athos Bulcão Foundation, connects all the social area of the house at the ground floor: leisure, kitchen / living and family room. 

This panel, along the entire length of the pool, is a tribute to the Brazilian modernist architecture and the client, who came from Brasilia and grew seeing the artist’s works. 

The kitchen/living room is a multiuse space, without any walls with a long bench that contains all the sinks, grill, cabinets, etc, from one side to another of the space.

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