» » » Enjoying memorable moments at the eccentric Epic Society club in Timisoara

Named Epic Society, this eccentric club situated in Timisoara, the sumptuous capital city of Timiș County, in western Romania attracts hundreds of visitors every night thanks to its original, imposing and interesting interior design.
Occupying a massive space of 300 square meters, the Epic Society club envisioned by Alexandra Avram brings visitors a “wild and free” atmosphere with striking oak, birch, string and many other environmentally-friendly materials.

Introducing this breathtaking club, Tinu Vidaicu, Epic Society’s managing partner, said: “We wanted to build a space that inspires freedom and warmth but in the same time maintains it’s functionality. 

The main attraction points are the DJ booth, which i consider one of the most important for the public and of course, the central bar. 

The club is designed to be cozy and comfortable and even though the bar and DJ area are very intense, the sense of intimacy is still felt. 

The project was inspired by the great feeling we have when we are in nature, and this is what we brought in the middle of the concrete city. Epic is nature reinvented in a space meant for entertainment.

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