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Simplicity and minimalism are what most of young homeowners wish in their home. Today, we would like to introduce to you a design of Pitsou Keden, who has transformed the classic archways and stone walls of this gorgeous apartment into a lovely minimal home.
This brilliant apartment in Jaffa’s Old City in Tel Aviv, Israel captures your attention with the seamless integration of contemporary design with the historic past of the building. The Old City of Jaffa is a maze of streets that has changed little over the last few centuries and is home to some of the best heritage structures in the region.

The beautiful walls, segmented ceilings and arches instantly give you a feeling that you have stepped back in time. Yet, the modern additions of the apartment include stylish decor, white walls and plush accessories that combine comfort with class. The combination of textures and varying geometric shapes truly give the interior an inimitable appeal of its own. Add to this the compelling and majestic views of the Mediterranean Sea and you have a cool urban loft that leaves you spellbound.

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