» » » » A contemporary refurbishment by the Mudrogelenko architectural practice

The NNS Apartment in Saint Petersburg, Russia is a contemporary refurbishment created by the Mudrogelenko architectural practice to improve the access between the three levels and provide a more efficient open layout to the interior.
The apartment spreads over three floors and thus the stairway between them is very important to the project. The designers added a balcony area to the main volume to permit more light inside and the living room, kitchen and dining area were integrated into a single unit thus bringing 24 additional square meters to the total usable space of the project.

There are 60 apartment units in the building and according to the designers all were inefficiently designed due to the access elements. The addition of a better stairway vastly reduces this fault and the final layout is divided into the functional areas separated over different levels so that each of them can have the needed elements to function properly.

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