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Coming back interior design with this contemporary interior design located in Greenwich Village, New York, USA.
This apartment was designed by the interior design studio of Guillaume Gentet for a young couple and their children. The original space had one bedroom and two bathrooms and the owners wanted a space that will host three bedrooms and three bathroom units with a total area increased from 2673 to 3073 square feet through the extension of the mezzanine.

The former kitchen was transformed into an office space and laundry room opening into the third bathroom for the children and the dining area gave birth to two additional bedrooms for the children with an easy to remove partition between the two rooms to add extra functionality. 
The new kitchen was built on the other side of the loft and next to it a set of cabinets and the living room found their place. The mezzanine extension allowed extra storage space and it also hosts the children’s play room and a guest alcove.

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