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The designers from TOTeMS Architecture accepted the challenge of "a house in the trees" of their client. That’s how this beautiful residence was born. The Casey Key Guest House is located in Florida and it offers all the privacy you can get. It has one bedroom, a bath, a beautiful living area with kitchenette and a loft. It also offers a view of Intercoastal Waterway. The distinction between the wall and the roof is distorted with the use of laminated pine beams that curve the space.

This is why the structure is open to the east and west and solid and secluded to the north. The natural elements can be easily spotted. The loft is defined by the curved beams and this reminds us of an aquatic atmosphere and the boat hull constructions. There is a small storage room for kayaks on the ground floor. Because the location of the house is subjected to constant floods, the floors had to be elevated.There is also a covered deck.

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