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The collaboration between the practice of Graft Lab Architects and Penda Design House had created the hotel named The Myrtle Garden in the Xiangyung region of China.
This hotel are becoming  partially inserted into the side of a small hill and located in the largest myrtle flower garden in the country.The structure of the building emulates that of a cell to create a harmony between the architecture and the surrounding landscape. There is an opening toward the southern side to offer a view of the nearby lake and the internal structure has the lower level containing the restaurant, relaxation areas and business section while the upper sections extend toward the outdoors with balconies from all four floors.

The building’s edges has small trees planted to increase the connection with the natural surroundings while also improving the air inside. The project includes other sustainable features as well, having the rooms places in such a manner as to receive natural ventilation and light, and rainwater is also collected through the roof to be used for plumbing and irrigation.

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