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The Compartes Melrose is a new chocolate store designed by the AAmp Studio for the Compartes Company created by the chocolatier Jonathan Grahm in 1950 with a base location in Los Angeles.

The Melrose store is the second retail space of the company acting as a concept store with the main theme set by the triangles on the packaging designed by Grahm himself for his hand-made chocolate. The space of store has neutral tones since the colorful edges of the chocolate bars are sufficient to diversify the aesthetic and thus attract more attention on them.

Two of the walls in store have graphic packages as display elements and the triangle marble counter is the core of the interior with black and white tiles. The ascending pattern on the counter gives the impression of the tiles passing from the floor up to it to point toward the chocolate on the wall thus acting as another element that sets the attention of the visitors toward the main product.

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