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Located on Wardour Street, Soho, London, UK, the Old Tom & English is a reservation only restaurant and cocktail lounge that was designed by Lee Broom for the brother and sister Maria and Costas Constantinou.
The venue is located in a basement and its name comes from the Old Tom gin recipe dating from the 18th century. The interior is full of color and luxuriously furnished while the dishes offered are twists of traditional English ones with a large selection of cocktails to complete the setting.

The aesthetic inspiring the space is that of the 1960s with a slatted wooden door as the entry point leading into the bar, lounge or five personal cloisters. The design influences the service as the designers explained.
There are marble features and the illumination goes into the furniture, barware and tableware to ensure a mysterious and cozy ambiance with a globe light and marble tube lights to frame the fireplace and add more glamor to the atmosphere.

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