» » » Steel and wood footbridge by DVVD

The practice of DVVD tried (and managed) to do just with the Footbridge Over the Railways  designed, a pedestrian bridge of 155 meters in length that connects areas of Villetaneuse while also offering a stunning example of infrastructure.

The bridge is made from steel and wood and it sprouts from the ground and bends in a manner similar to a blade of grass being open at both ends but curling towards the center to offer protection from strong winds and the sounds coming from the trains below. The width of the bridge is 8 meters and it is opened only for pedestrians and bicycles.

The wood used for the exterior cladding and floor boards is FSC-certified and it offers a natural element in the design. For the original design the bridge was awarded with the 2013 Architizer A+ Jury and Popular Vote prize in the category of Architecture + Mobility.

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