» » » » A luxury condos in the Nolita area of Manhattan, New York

This is the images of the luxury condos in the Nolita area of Manhattan, New York which can inspire many people in love with architect.
In 1973, this condos sued to be the police headquarters of the are and in 1988, it was converted into luxury condos like at present with the fitting name of Police Building Apartments.
This loft was recently refurbished by the RAAD Studios with an unusual geometry but a stunning array of textures and materials that make it feel quite unique. There are two main spaces in the loft, each of them with a white tone and light wooden flooring.

 One area is reserved for the bedroom and home office and it is placed in a dome-like room with highly textural details and skylights to bring more light inside. The round roofline was used for shelving and thus this space serves as a library as well with a small coffee table and two armchairs. The other space is where the dining area is integrated with the kitchen and it features a more conventional layout with a wall made of exposed bricks and the rest of the ambiance being predominantly white.

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