» » » » A penthouse with strong colors and luxurious features in Rock Arkansas

Located in Rock Arkansas, the Riverside Penthouse was created by the Tobi Fairley Interior Design studio.
This penthouse combines  strong colors and luxurious features for a very daring and exciting interior that evokes classical lines but seen in a contemporary manner.The designer said she pushed the boundaries on the project and we can clearly see what she means with the rich textures and varied colors that fill each area of the home. The penthouse has two levels and they are connected through a sculptural spiraling staircase set near the dining area. The interior was also featured in the January 2015 issue of Rue Magazine.

She said that “the clients are fashion forward and modern in their outlook” so we have elements that stand out in all rooms, with gold coated tree trunks acting as sculptural pedestals for flowers, velvet midnight blue doors, modern art pieces, floral motifs on the wallpapers and furniture pieces that dazzle you with their variety of colors.

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