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Through a structure spreading over two floors in which even the roof is made of glass you can see a great view of the nearby national park.
This hotel named the Iso Syote Hotel in Finland. It is the destination place for you enjoy the beautiful landscape from a setting where all the amenities are taken care of. The Eagle View Suite is in the southern wing of the hotel and it has a living room with fireplace on the ground level as well as a bathroom with sauna and a tree growing in the center of the suite that acts as a connective element between the two floors.

The upper level contains a Jacuzzi and the bedroom with a great 360 degree view of the nearby forest. The suite offers access to all of the hotel activities, so you can have a ride in a snowmobile, go on husky safaris, watch reindeers, see the northern lights or even spend a night in an actual iglu.

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