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In 2014, the S.I.N. project renovates the office and rooftop of the New York music company with a new look designed by the Cezing architectural practice.
The building was purchased for the radio promotion company called Street Information Network, or S.I.N. and they are in the music industry for over 30 years launching some of the most popular artists of the 1980s or 90s and contemporary artists like Lady Gaga.

 The top level was created as a mix between a lounge and a work environment that maintains its efficiency while also being able to promote creativity. The space was designed by Cecilia Dupire with a flexible layout so that it can be easily transformed for various events such as a gym, art exhibition, cocktail reception or meeting area.
The walls can serve as boards due to the magnets and dry erase areas and the street facing wall contains a wall of windows to become the main focal point of the interior.

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