» » » The project for the 100th anniversary of the Siam Cement Group in Thailand

 Siam Cement Group which is the largest construction material producer in Thailand will celebrates their 100th anniversary by a project named the 10 Cal Tower.
This group also commissioned the Supermachine Studio along with two other Thai architects to create this public facility. Located in the coastal town of Bangsaen, Thailand, the project is in a public park next to the sea side and the three structures will be covering the same area being comprised of a library created by DBALP, a multipurpose pavilion by DEPT and a playground created by the Supermachine Studio.

The community playground is made of a concrete labyrinth that permits children and adults to climb and explore it through various routes, making it an ideal hide and seek setting. The name 10 Cal comes from the energy consumed when walking normally from the bottom of the tower to the top, namely 10 Calories and once you reach the top it becomes a great observation point for the nearby sport activities as well as for the sea.

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