» » » » » Touristic complex give the access to some of the best attraction in Latin America

Located in the Obarrio neighborhood in the center of Panama City, the Sortis Hotel, Casino and Spa is a  touristic complex that gives access to some of the best attractions in Latin America due to the abundance of beaches, historical sites as well as urban developments.

The project was designed by the Bettis Tarazi Arquitectos practice that created a layout that integrates a business center, a five star hotel complete with amenities as well as a casino and the needed utility areas with a total surface of 7612.5 square meters.

The context was considered so two independent 22 floor buildings have been connected via an underground volume containing the hotel amenities so that the inner street on the ground floor would be left for the circulation of cars and guests. The lower levels contain the spa, casino, gym, restaurants, bars, social areas, swimming pool as well as the conference rooms and the office tower was connected to the hotel through the casino and lobby area as well as through the parking area.

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