» » » » A small ski resort apartment in France designed by H2O Architects

Located in Menuires, France, the Cabin is a small ski resort work designed by H2O Architects.

The project features a curved wall that contains the storage and sleeping units and it tries to take advantage of the triple orientation offered by the building which was raised in the 1960s. The owners wanted an increased living-room surface, two bathrooms instead of the original one and the same number of beds, namely eight on a surface of 55 square meters.

The thickness of the furniture varies according to the facilities needed, so that you have the storage spaces, the sleeping units which were superimposed, a reading corner, the kitchen and the back to back bathrooms.
From the idea of fitting the flat into the furniture the designers came up with the curved wall that crosses the entire surface of the apartment with the basic functions contained in it and this offers a panoramic view of the mountains.

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