» » » » Apartment of footballer in the center of Lviv, Ukraine

This apartment is defined by the occupation of the inhabitant. It name is the footballer's apartment and located in the center of Lviv, Ukraine with a design created by the ARS-IDEA studio.

The project spreads over a surface of 1300 square feet and each space has details taken from his lifestyle while also ensuring a comfortable ambiance. The original layout had two bedrooms and they became an open plan studio that combines the living room with the kitchen, leaving room for two small closets.

The raw concrete of the ceiling brings an industrial vibe to the space and the dining room adds a touch of color due to the chair covers that follow the numbers of the football shirts worn by the owner and his friends.
The living area comes with a home theater projector for the football matches and there is a bio fireplace as an extra source of heat. The apartment features a Smart House system that can fine tune light or air conditioning.

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