» » » » Contemporary look from the interior design of the Hotels Normandy and the Royal Barriere

Created by the owner of the Maxim restaurant in Paris, Eugene Cornuche to offer a luxurious hospitality venue in one of the most glamorous towns in Normandy, namely Deauville, France is the Hotels Normandy and the Royal Barriere.

The Royal Barriere dates from 1913 and has 253 rooms with most of them still maintaining the ‘directoire’ style of the post-French revolution era until the Kirei Studio was commissioned to revamp the image of the hotel so that it would be a part of the ‘Leading Hotels of the World’. The new design brought a contemporary look that still evoked elements to remind us of its history and heritage.

One of the most impressive parts of the new design is the Elizabeth Taylor suite with its elegant sapphire blue tones combined with grey touches and textures from fabrics like the velvet bed. The chandelier has blue pendants as decorations to remind the visitors of the sapphire earrings worn by the star and portraits of the actress adorn the rooms.

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