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This minimalist and highly efficient apartment was created by the designer Radomir Minjarik from the Rado Rick Designers studio.
This apartment is located in Bratislava, Slovakia and featured high quality materials such as HI-MACS to define the perfect setting for the young couple inhabiting it.
The loft is in a highly acclaimed new building in the city and thus a modern aesthetic was definitely the way to go, bringing futuristic elements into the ambiance and details of black to bring contrast to the predominantly white HI-MACS surfaces.

The open layout allows easy flow between areas and each part was carefully planned to create a very well integrated setting with custom-made furniture and even a biofuel chimney set in the floating unit of the TV set.
The hallway at the entrance connects to the living room and acts as a white tunnel with a green niche for flowers that is emphasized through the UV light that makes the entire area feel bright and spacious.

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