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The architectural practice of Adolfsson & Partners has designed new office space for the King game developer in Norrmalm, Stockholm, Sweden in 2015. This architectural work has created a very diverse and joyful setting which looks like a playground for the children.

The King games developer commissioned the architectural practice of Adolfsson & Partners to design their new office space. Given the type of games developed by the company such as the famous Candy Crush Saga, the designers opted for an interior that seems to come out of their 200 games so that the future games they develop would be inspired by this ambiance.

Since the name of the company is King, the designers explained that they “didn’t build an office – we created a kingdom”, one spreading over a surface of 25000 square feet to bring together magic and color into a unique office concept. Each room is richly detailed and filled with colors, with some of the walls being completed with figurines from the games that bring a humorous element and at the same time improve the overall efficiency of the layout.

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