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Have you ever think about the luxurious plane interior? This post today will bring some image of a luxurious private plane Boeing 747-8.
These luxury planes are bigger than many of the houses featured on this blog, with 4,786 square feet (444 square meters) of cabin space. The plan in this post was built by Boeing, then finished by Kirkland, Washington-based company Greenpoint Technologies. The final results are nothing to sneeze at with luxury lounges, private bedrooms, and even a full formal dining room. It's no wonder that the U.S. government has said it will buy 747-8s to be the next Air Force One.

It would be surprising enough for most of us to see a sofa in a plane. But an entire lounge with multiple sofas, a coffee table, and a wall mounted flatscreen? That’s a far cry from a little extra legroom.

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