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Located on the ground floor of 19th century tenement house is the Przystanek Piekarnia bakery designed by Jozef Hintz.
This store is the fifth bakery design in this chain opened recently in Warsaw and developed by Maciej Kurkowski. The long, rectangular shape of the shop enabled the architects to design two distinctive zones- selling point in the front, and preparation area, staff and storage area in the back.
The preparation area was purposefully left open to the selling point, so that customers could have a peak at staff preparing freshly brewed coffee or sandwiches made on the spot. The walls in the back are kept in delicate gray tones accentuated with existing alcoves. The ceiling and walls of the bakery are painted black to contrast the main feature in the interior- a functional installation made of oiled and stained plywood modules. The structure is made of 746 pieces connected with small wooden pegs.

The whole structure is stabilized by additional planks, allowing for mounting display shelves at different levels easily. Above the main display area the structure is dispersing, allowing introduction of slender LED lights for an integrated look. Bright interior and the intricate structure are visible from the street, thanks to refurbished original shop front with a custom made neon light logo to accentuate prestigious location and showcase the shop.

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